American Renewal Project (ARP)

On August 24th 2016 the American Renewal Project asked Murphy Nasica to help them in their effort to mobilize Christian voters in the six swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio. Over the next 12 days we recruited, trained and launched teams in four of the six states to begin canvassing for the project, and by election day our teams had knocked on 432,919 doors across the six states.

ARP’s goal was to mobilize a targeted group of Christian voters who were otherwise unlikely to vote, a group many believe critical the Republicans overall success in 2016, so the success of the effort would be shown in the turnout of the voters contacted. And the National Exit Poll data on white evangelical turnout, the best metric in the Poll to measure Christian voting, suggested that the project was a tremendous success.

  • White Evangelicals voted 85/13 for Trump/Clinton in Florida and made up a 20% of the electorate.
  • White Evangelicals voted 70/25 for Trump/Clinton in Iowa and made up 34% of the electorate.
  • White Evangelicals voted 84/13 for Trump/Clinton in Missouri and made up 36% the electorate.
  • White Evangelicals voted 82/12 for Trump/Clinton in North Carolina and made up 37% of the electorate.
  • White Evangelicals voted 76/21 for Trump/Clinton in Ohio and made up 33% of the electorate.

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