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The Nasica Tactical Difference

At Nasica Tactical, our grassroots services provide you with the highest quality voter contact available, fully customized and adapted to your campaign’s needs. Nasica Tactical combines our exclusive, dynamic data targeting with our highly-skilled field teams to deliver an unmatched volume of household contacts and persuasive conversations.

Grassroots Services

Whether you need a full-service field operation comprised of our skilled canvassing teams, in-house data and analytics, and proprietary voter targeting software, or simply a focused and quality field team, Nasica Tactical will provide your campaign the tailor-made field program you need to win.

Our winning grassroots approach is built upon thorough recruitment, relentless quality control, and detailed management of each field team.

We maintain a full-time recruitment staff with a database of over 1,500 political operatives nationwide.

Quality Control
Our staff of dedicated Quality Assurance Managers maintain constant oversight of each field team – monitoring daily canvassing results, utilizing random spot checks, and deploying specialized coaching methods to maximize performance.

Each of our teams is led by an experienced Grassroots Manager who is embedded full-time in the field throughout the campaign. All grassroots managers are skilled in executing best practices for leading teams and ensuring project goals are met. Additionally, each team is monitored by a senior Nasica Tactical staff member to address any critical issues that may arise.

Data/Analytics and Canvassing Software
Our teams are prepared to plug into your operation and use any data/voter targeting and canvassing software you may prefer. Nasica Tactical is also ready to deliver comprehensive data and analytics services, and can provide our proprietary canvassing software for any client.

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