Karen Handel, Georgia CD-6 Special Election (2017)

In the Spring of 2017 Murphy Nasica was contracted to provide canvassing services supporting Republican Karen Handel in one of the most contentious, expensive, and closely watched Congressional races in history. During the first round of the election we launched our team within one week and delivered 24,600 canvassing attempts over 18 days. During the runoff we were again brought in to support Mrs. Handel and from May 1st to election day on June 20th Murphy Nasica oversaw a 16 person canvassing team which visited 60,512 homes, bringing our total for the race to 85,112 doors.

In a race highlighted by national media for months which saw unpresented levels of spending on both sides, Karen Handel ended up winning by just 9,282 votes, out of 260,316 ballots cast. Murphy Nasica’s team contacted 49,256 voters that ended up casting a ballot; this is 5.3 times more than the difference between Mrs. Handel and her opponent.

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